Alaska Airlines and Club 49 logos

Alaska’s Ambassador to the World

Where you find Alaska Airlines Club 49 around the state, you find MSI. Our agency drives in-state brand marketing for Alaska Airlines Club 49 and has for over six years. Those weekly fare sales on TV? That’s us. Community sponsorships and airport graphics? That’s us, too. Signing up for PFD contests on social media? We have Alaska Airlines covered. MSI is proud to serve the state’s best-known brand and an ambassador for our home to all of North America and beyond, proudly showcasing the name ‘Alaska’ in more than 100 destinations.

Web animated ad

Web animated ad

Alaska Airlines PFD poster


Television Advertisement 30 seconds

Airport video display

Alaska Airlines Club 49 airport sign
Airport signage
Alaska Airlines PFD display
Interactive airport display
Alaska Airlines Facebook posting screenshot
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