Elie Nikolai

Eliana Nicolai

Graphic Designer

Eliana – or as we know her, “Elie” – brings a strong sense of style to her work. Her natural abilities were shaped by a childhood in Alaska then refined by formal education in the big city. A graduate of the renowned Art Institute of Seattle, she possesses a powerful mix of talent and training. But it’s her attention to detail and devotion to quality that really make her stand out. Elie takes pride in shepherding each project she creates from great idea to finished product.

A Yup’ik and Athabascan Alaska Native from Anchorage, Elie has city sophistication and small-town heart. She approaches all things with a young person’s love of trying new ideas, both in her work and her life. When she’s not creating beautiful designs, you’ll find her at the beach searching for natural treasures or snow-shoeing the winter backcountry.