Our Services

MSI is a leader in new-tech communications, led by an entire team dedicated to locating your quickly moving audience and putting your message on their phones, ear buds, smart TVs and everywhere else Americans are today. We utilize an omni-channel strategy that brings together traditional media with search engine optimization (SEO), programmatic ad buying, pay-per-click, email marketing, Google display ads and more to create a highly effective way to communicate with all demographics or just one. It’s critically important in today’s high-tech landscape to be nimble with messaging, and MSI’s unparalleled digital capabilities give you the ability to rapidly change your communications in real time as events change. We create, update and monitor your social media pages, establishing a strong brand voice and engaging followers. In addition to award-winning website design, MSI’s web department provides site design and development, user experience design, database design, analytics reporting and an online ticketing system for easy maintenance requests. One of the greatest advantages to you is MSI’s capabilities in reporting and analysis. Our digital department knows more about how an ad is performing – moment by moment – than we ever knew about print ads or even TV. That empowers you to change your placement mix, your targeting strategy or even your creative in a way that maximizes your advertising dollar and vastly increases your ability to find and speak to the exact audience you want. The world is changing fast. MSI helps you pivot, adapt and communicate just as fast.

TV and radio are powerful channels to reach Alaskans and our state-of-the-art, in-house recording studio and editing suite give us exceptional control and speed as we develop award-winning creative for your campaign. Our team is just as comfortable filming deep in the Alaska bush or animating right here at our studio. We’ve created corporate videos for internal communications and educational videos for training and television commercials for leading national brands.

MSI’s team is a battle-tested PR machine. We leverage websites and editorials and even political cartoons to help Alaskans make informed decisions about your company or your public policy. We’ve defeated unfair taxation and rallied voters to defeat industry-stifling legislation. We even helped Lisa Murkowski win a historic write-in campaign for the U.S. Senate. From crisis communications to product launches, we create compelling stories for the media. We roll up our sleeves and utilize the latest methods to collect actionable data. #FTW!

Print is much more than brochures and newspaper ads. Print is all around us, from trade show booth graphics and entire wall displays at airports to corporate annual reports and visitor guides, and branded corporate koozies. Print requires a sophisticated understanding of color and scale, of imagery that speaks to your customer, of copywriting that delivers your message and of a thousand details from concept to printing. Our agency has done it all and knows how to make your print project, large or small, get noticed.

Yes, even beekeeping. We have one beekeeping expert now and more in training. It’s a pretty sweet talent and creates a lot of buzz in summer when the hives are dripping with honey. We can just drone on and on about it.