Sarah Jane Smith

Accounting Specialist & Office Manager

Relentlessly pleasant and polite, Sarah Jane makes everybody’s lives better. She’s a key member of the accounting team and a (cheerful) stickler for details crunching numbers all day, overseeing processes, budgets and more. Much more. We also have the best snacks, a sweet beer and wine selection, and we never run out of printer ink, so she’s got that office management thing down, too.

Born and raised in Juneau, she came to MSI when her boss was hired to join our team. Her boss moved on long ago, but lucky for us, Sarah Jane stayed. She and her boyfriend, who is also in the advertising business, albeit at another agency, are “parents” to Lily, a five-pound Yorkie. That’s a really small dog. Fortunately, Lily shares her mama with us five days a week.