Sarah Ward headshot

Sarah Ward

Copy Editor

Sarah keeps the words flowing smoothly (and accurately) as our Copy Editor. Not sure if it’s a colon or semi-colon? Proper noun use? Or those pesky Alaska-specific AP style rules that apply to all MSI client work – Sarah’s on the task. This hyphen-master, as she’s affectionately called, is the final pair of eyes for all work at MSI and we’re thrilled to have her expertise in the shop.

Sarah earned her bachelor’s in English with a concentration in Secondary Education from UAA, and when she realized that teaching high school students simply wasn’t in her blood, she turned to writing and editing as a way of using her degree. When she’s not working, she enjoys socializing in multiple book clubs, going on mini hikes (extreme walks) around the Anchorage area, and spending plenty of time curled up at home with some great books.